【WAZAWOGI: Connecting traditional Japanese performing arts into the Future】


Our troupe “Wazawogi”, takes its name from Nihonshoki, the oldest known manuscripts of Japan. “Wazawogi” was a term used in historic Japan to describe those who performed the arts. the troupe consists of traditional Japanese performers and musicians whom are all alumni of Tokyo National University of the Arts and we proudly present to you, the colorful and beautiful yet elegant, Japanese performance of Kabuki.


【Wazawogi brings the Kabuki stage to You】

The history and story of Japan. 
Japan’s color and tone, elegance and beauty. 
This is the Japanese spirit, YAMATO-DAMASHII. 
The country’s story in its color, tone, beauty, and elegance can all be experienced through the traditional Japanese performing arts, Kabuki. 

Kabuki is a traditional art with more than 400 years of history in Japan’s performing arts culture, and is acknowledged by UNESCO as an Intangible cultural heritage.

The word Ka-bu-ki is made up of Japanese characters that resemble acting and music (“ka”), dance (“bu”), and the performer (“ki”). This traditional performing arts details Japanese aesthetics, its perception of the world, and theatricalism in the most refined way.


Our troupe consists of members who are all alumni of Japan’s prestigious performing arts University,Tokyo National University of the Arts. Our mission is to accurately carry on the art of Kabuki to do justice to its Edo period predecessors from whom it all started. In addition, our troupe is lead by the last “onna-gata” in Japan, a traditional female role played by a male.


Our performance is not only limited to our theater. Restaurants, schools, temples, or even a small room. Believe it or not, we can bring the stage of Kabuki right to you.


Wazawogi utilized projector screens, handouts, and other resources during the performance to make the art of Kabuki easily understandable for your enjoyment of an exclusive, never-seen-before program. 

Our handmade traditional Japanese instruments are crafted by artisans who preserve the historic skill and beauty of their art. The music and timbre from these instruments will surely captivate you into the elegant world of Kabuki. 

You are in for a treat. The exclusive Wazawogi performance. Please join us to be enchanted in this once in a life time experience in the art of Kabuki.

【Performance information】

What is KABUKI 
Traditional Japanese performing arts 


Japanese traditional instrument Hand-on exprience

KOTUDUMI,SYAMISEN,Traditional Dance,
¥2000(each activity)


場所(Venue):ゲストハウス宴(Guest House EN)
東京都花川戸1-3-3(1-3-3 Hanakawado,taitou-ku,Tokyo 2F)

[No.1] Tudumi Experience ¥2000

[No.2] Shyamisen Experience ¥2000

[No.3] Kabuki dance Experience ¥2000

[No.4] Kabuki performance ¥2500

[No.5] Tudumi Experience ¥2000

[No.6] Shyamisen Experience ¥2000

[No.7] Kabuki dance Experience ¥2000

[No.8] Kabuki performance ¥2500

【Experience only Course menu】
・No1 & No2 & No3→¥6000 →¥5000
・No5 & No6 & No7→¥6000 →¥5000

 【Experience&Performance Course menu】
No.1(or No.2 or No.3)& No.4 →¥4500 →¥4000
・No.5(or No.6 or No.7)& No.8 →¥4500 →¥4000

【Full Course menu】
・No.1 & No.2 & No.3 & No.4 →¥8500 →¥6500
・No.5 & No.6 & No7 & No.8 →¥8500 →¥6500